041216_01 10MUSUME


Model: Yoshiko Kurita
Category: novice (beginner), BBW, fair, complexion, raw, Reality, fellatio, topped, teen, Dirty, Handjob, Pussy
Time: 01:10:09
Public: 2016-04-12

About this Episode

10musume 041216_01 natural daughter 041216_01 amateur Gachinanpa I have wrecked the leisure likely
I have wrecked the daughter that was to spare time likely to byte the way home in the sea close to the park. Keiko-chan, 19-year-old Kurita that are part-time job in a bakery. If little invite and not try another byte “do you got to do?’m Suspicious!” Is a serious answer in a cute voice. For example, abuse or “if not even Do not try to you” and a byte system, such as us to words Trombone, Nampa nurses to seduce in the gas fully open Tsu M. Toka or asked to hold penis by hand, too much of pure reaction and some that did and say like a milking cow from top to bottom, will not a virgin? If you try once to confirm. You mean “secret” is the ish a prima facie experience. Move to the hotel by car at that. Abusive When you request the epithets “This pervert!”. Abuse of cute daughter looks irresistible to cant play the same level as in the M. Begging to say I debris. “Yo is always Do you have such a thing Dame. Idiot! Stupid! Wonder if … there is something.” “Fool” Keiko-chan of feeling vocabulary is poor of bad things. I guess you’ve never thought that said the malicious words. Too good child. . . On the sofa in the even M-leg while saying “Saite”. It does not disliked even touching the thigh. If you scrounge sat pressed against the face of Nampa nurses that lying down the jacket and skirt take off with your crotch and pussy. Stimulates your crotch from the bottom rather than’m still of course have sat down. While saying “Iyan” is also the second time span. “Embarrassed to really” next Sitting in the face in the posture to pee. “You’re transformed into really. Embarrassing” to the ass fetish Nampa nurses to Omoikkiri stimulate inhale the breath and embarrassed Yoshiko-chan. Touch before succumbed to Ochinko “did you happened?”, “Transformation”, “I have become big. What in the has become so big,” we will blame cute with. Well scrounge in the soles of the feet from the top of the jeans and rubbed the transformation cock. “Transformation” blame rubbed with Gyu’ legs to cock of Me Bare took off while blast as “transformation”. And it is said to have never been so excited about until now, “Really?” And happily laugh Yoshiko-chan. If you scrounge with the intention became a boy across the Toko of Ochinpo and try to masturbation (Handjob), nipple licking while Handjob. And ass rolled swing back and forth ass ride to the Ochinpo. Ass is the best angle to fetish. Keiko-chan that will quickly also Blow. Cute abusive than her in Nampa nurses that is referred to as a “cheating thing! Pervert!”. Face troubled “not Hein as far as it will go,” the leading edge while graces in cute voice Ochinpo. So, Kudasai enjoy SEX with Keiko-chan cute teens, such as we have jumped from the erotic book. Really is a good daughter. Also it came to the byte.

10musume 041216_01 天然むすめ 041216_01 素人ガチナンパ ~バイト帰りの暇そうな娘をナンパしちゃいました~栗田佳子
海近くの公園でバイト帰りに暇そうにしてた娘をナンパしちゃいました。パン屋でアルバイトしている栗田佳子ちゃん、19歳。ちょっと別のバイトしてみないと誘うと「何するんですか?怪しいですよ!」と可愛い声で真面目なこたえが。たとえば悪口とか「お前どうしようもないな」と言葉攻めしてくれるようなバイト系と、Mっ気全開で口説くナンパ師。手でちんこ握ってもらったりとか、上から下に牛の乳搾りみたいにと言うとやったことあるとあまりの純な反応に、処女じゃないでしょ?と一応確認してみます。「ヒミツ」ってことは一応経験あるっぽいです。ということで車でホテルへ移動。悪口をリクエストすると「この変態!」と罵倒。可愛い娘の罵倒はMには隠語プレイ並みにたまらないですね。クズって言ってとオネダリ。「バカ」「いつもこんなことしてるんですかーダメですよー。ばか!あほ!・・・なんかあるかな。」 悪口の語彙が乏しい感じの佳子ちゃん。悪意のある言葉を言ったことも考えたこともないんでしょうね。良い子過ぎる。。。「サイテー」と言いながらもM字開脚でソファーに。太腿触っても嫌がらないですねー。オネダリすると上着とスカート脱いでとお股とオマンコを寝転がったナンパ師の顔に押し付けて座りました。もちろん座られたままじゃなくて下からお股を刺激します。「いやーん」と言いながらも2回目跨り。「ホントに恥ずかしい」次はおしっこする体勢で顔面にお座り。思いっきり息を吸い込んだり刺激する尻フェチナンパ師に「ホントに変態だね。恥ずかしい」と照れる佳子ちゃん。前屈してオチンコ触って「起っちゃったの?」「変態」「大きくなってるよ。何でこんなに大きくなっちゃったの」と可愛く責めていきます。じゃ足の裏でジーンズの上から変態チンポをこすってとオネダリ。「変態」「変態」と連呼しながら脱いだ剥き身の生ちんぽに脚でぎゅーっとこすり責め。今までこんなに興奮したことなかったと言われると「ホント?」と嬉しそうに笑う佳子ちゃん。おちんぽのとこに跨って男の子になったつもりでオナニー(手コキ)してみてとオネダリすると、手コキしながら乳首舐め。そしてお尻をおちんぽに乗っけてお尻を前後に振りまくり。尻フェチに最高のアングルです。あっさりフェラもしてくれる佳子ちゃん。彼女よりイイというナンパ師に「浮気モノ!ヘンタイ!」と可愛く罵倒。おちんぽを咥えつつ甘えた可愛い声で「奥まで入んない」と困り顔。それでは、エロ本から飛び出してきたような可愛い10代の佳子ちゃんとのSEXをお楽しみくださーい。ホント良い娘です。またバイトしに来てね。

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