[DIC-018] weekend AV DEBUT weekday, English lecturer Mina Konno

Release Date: 2016/04/20
Duration: 135 minutes
Cast: Mina Konno
Director: C: TAKERU
Series: Weekend AV DEBUT
Manufacturer: Prestige
Label: discover
genre: Occupation various Pretty big tits amateur alone work Tit 3P · 4P lotion sample video
part number: 118dic018

G cup Pretty “Mina Konno” is AV debut of 20-year-old to work as a lecturer in the English classroom! She referred to as ” ‘man’ like sex itself that” is, expose generously silliness that can not be demonstrated in front of the students. The first take of the tense enjoy the pleasure while wearing fascinated by the glamorous body. Gently wraps Ji ● child Tit was used in abundance tits give the overwhelming pleasure. When inserted breast grand rocking, to climax while whisper obscene English! Lotion or 3P, etc., beautiful girl who Fumii’ to not experience zone, was to wear a contented look to obtain a myriad of pleasure ….

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