[DIC-024] rainy day AV debut president secretary Yui Kitajima

Product Release Date: 2016/07/29
Duration: 134 minutes (HD version: 134 minutes)
Cast: Yui Kitajima
Director: Shimikki
Series: rainy day AV debut
Manufacturer: Prestige
Label: discover
Genre: secretary restraint SM alone work debut topped Toy HDTV amateur
part number: 118dic00024
leading securities company of beautiful secretary “Yui Kitajima” really should have scored when he was chosen AV debut! Decided to AV appearance in order to expose the “desire to be committed” to your graceful beauty has been kept hidden. Sex in public to be a life’s first start in extreme tension. If tampered the body will be made ​​taking off clothes little by little, to the bewitching slender body dew. It fueled a sense of shame at foreplay while whispered obscene words, co ○ Ma begins wet To drenched to represent the growing desire. Implanted until the vagina back in a variety of position, it will taste the pleasure in the innocent! Gimmick her continuous topped and restraint play in order to fulfill the desire, go engraved the is not pleasure obtained in everyday to her body ….

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