[DIC-025] 18-year-old and 6 months. 02 Kashiwagi Yurina

Product Release Date: 2016/07/29
Duration: 125 minutes (HD version: 125 minutes)
Cast: Kashiwagi Yurina
Director: Manhattan Kimura
Series: 18-year-old ○ months.
Manufacturer: Prestige
Label: discover
genre: high-definition Amateur Squirting Facials SM restraint debut single work
part number: 118dic00025
“Kashiwagi Yurina” 18-year-old. Female college student fascinated me a soft smile. I started to live alone away from the local, leading to the AV appeared in order to push forward on the road to a dream in their own hands. One week from the date of the interview that I put the determination, challenge the first shooting while also Furimaki a smile while tense. Experience number two and are slowly and carefully caress the undeveloped body still, come softened tensions little by little. Unfamiliar while also repeated hard caress, immerse yourself in the world of pleasure. Experience the former delusion to have been tied up and 3P, will set foot into the unknown of the world …. Please enjoy a realistic document that reflects the pure innocent college student of the true face.

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