[DIC-026] 18-year-old and 8 months. 03 Kiritani Ayahate

Release Date: 2016/08/05
Duration: 130 minutes
Cast: Kiriya Ayahate
Director: Manhattan Kimura
Series: 18-year-old ○ months.
Manufacturer: Prestige
Label: discover
genre: a single piece Masturbation Squirting Facials debut work
part number: 118dic026

“Kiritani Ayahate” 18-year-old. Aiming to singer-songwriter she strive to lessons and stage day and night. To grab their dreams. Willing to leave in front of people she felt the thing that leads to the dream and the AV actress, I chose this road. While feeling tension and anxiety appear in the place of the first shooting, immediately sex begins. While signed a gently kiss made taking off clothes, go tampered the body. Her body honestly reactions that do not know a thing go. Nipples facing top and tsun, stimulation of the genital area is pleased floated the waist. It received the piston of about sex view of ever changes, are carved for the first time the climax to the body …. Please enjoy a realistic document that reflects the real face of innocent girl.


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