[EIKI-019] and only the wife of … “kiss? … Only 5 seconds?”

Release Date: 2016/07/25
Duration: 118 minutes
Cast: God Yuki
Director: Mamesawa MameTaro
Series: out of and only to his wife …
Studio: Big Mokaru
Label: EIKI
Genre: Pies are Netori-Netora married woman alone work
part number: 57eiki019

[EIKI-019] and only the wife of … “kiss? … Only 5 seconds?” Troubled remains give up so say if my wife as the face [cuckold] allowed the body to the other man out in Wife [NTR] 22 God snow

because I in earnest wife -. “I have been waiting for, because soon make rice!” To me is irregular is time to go busy work, us to prepare a fresh warm dinner can wife always. But it becomes bragging, my wife’s a beauty of much become rumor also in the neighborhood, cuisine is also a well may be natured. Passed nearly 10 years met, but so it is still ‘I ideal type’, his wife seems to There’s Something About me. I finished the dinner, and has been slowly drinking tea, shopping bag that is casually placed in the living room caught my eye. “It? Also did you get something?” I buy “Oh, yeah. Clothes I bought.” “Recent well clothes.” Hmm. I wonder if so? “I’m sure but I think that’s because of the gas, wash the dishes I felt a practice swing, such as a little upset my wife you’re talking with. Things start looking for clothes to wear when women are to meet next and it is people who become “someone care. “Recently such a thing remembered that was said in the company of a woman boss, friendship of the wife of Faye ● book began worrisome also in very much ….

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