[FSET-617] woman of swimsuit Yui Hatano

Product Release Date: 2016/03/17
Duration: 154 minutes (HD version: 154 minutes)
Cast: Yui Hatano
Director: Akinori
Series: Swimsuit of ○○
Studio: Akinori
Label: AKNR
Genre: HDTV planning swimming school swimsuit massage other fetish single work
part number: 1fset00617
average rating: See reviews
Hatano of overwhelming looks undisputed Yui appeared in the long-sought swimsuit series! Constrictions, Nice Ass, her body of the very top class which of the big tits swimsuit wrap and very hard. Each time you fix the deviation was V line, rippling buttocks meat. Tapering and extended limbs. One of the talent in 1000 year swimsuit look good? ! Swimsuit fan is a must see! !

4.00 avg. rating (77% score) - 1 vote