GANA-211 Seriously Nampa first shooting. 137 in Omiya team N

Published: monthly ▶ 2014/06/16
– Duration: 63 minutes, part number: 200GANA-211
Series: Maji Nampa first shooting.
– Cast: Ami 24-year-old OL
Genre: high-definition (6000kbps) Exclusive amateur high-definition (HD) Blow fair complexion Breasts Slender Tit Omiya
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Product introduction
I think I was thinking I Do not want to Nampa softening half Ppoiko today. Nde I had stretched in front of a certain department store. Once you good style, but it is do Nordic-ish feel of a child walked from the front. This completely is a half! Up insanely tension thought I, I was immediately started to Nampa. Once you name have said there Ami, but I was completely withered, yet because it may be a pseudonym is not it always remains the possibility Tteyuu half! Well, let’s continue with the shooting while having such a little bit of hope.

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