[HND-330] sneaked into private AIKA! 1 million yen Once accustomed to the last confession ☆ geese couple having sex out in the raw Saddle! ! AIKA

Release Date: 2016/07/25
Duration: 220 minutes
Cast: AIKA
Director: trendy Yamaguchi
Series: –
Studio: This in
Label: this in the
genre: Gal Busty documentary amateur stand-alone work Pies
part number: hnd00330

[To private AIKA, Mote period of one day angry waves strikes! ! ] Amateur audition in Tokyo somewhere had been held … it is, people excavation audition that there is confidence to drop the AIKA! Participants, man eating hundred girls from AIKA fan, Nampa legendary artist, actor wannabe, such as different … so … this time of the eyeball! 1 million yen Once accustomed to geese couple and dropped really is! ? AV world No1 finally this medium. Sneaked into full private black gal AIKA! !

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