[JKSR-218] Do you know more about this wife?

Release Date: 2016/01/25
Duration: 120 minutes
Cast: Seino Iroha Shiori Amaha
Director: obockey
Series: Do you know more about this wife?
Manufacturer: Big Mokaru
Label: Pink Junkie
Genre: Housewife kimono, yukata documentary Onsen Ma
part number: 57jksr218

[JKSR-218] Do you know more about this wife? 07 tea and koto there is innocent honeymoon gal wife of six months married to old-fashioned young wife celebrity hobby rainy day estrus! Why it was supposed to be ‘the mad alive while warped enough to lose a ladylike of’? The whole story.

Meguro resident, married six months, Seino Iroha’s tea and harp hobby (23) old-fashioned young wife celebrity. Drunk on liquor Saddle mad at the inn of Atami! Neat and clean look and sudden change Eros that he too has a gap at the top Cavalry shake the waist. 2 barrage of squirting large quantities Gokkun Kaoi of tatami soaking wet! 2nd Tachikawa City resident, married Shiori Amaha of six months honeymoon gal wife (21). Magazine of the hot spring experience Roque do think innocently enjoy journey turn, trick the weak young wife to drink and get drunk crushed defeat Saddle from erotic winning combo!

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