[LXVS-008] Raguju TV × PRESTIGE SELECTION 08 (Blu-ray Disc + DVD) Yuika Takashima

Product Release Date: 2016/07/22
Duration: 59 minutes (HD version: 59 minutes)
Cast: Yuika Takashima
Director: –
Series: Raguju TV × PRESTIGE
Manufacturer: Prestige
Label: Raguju TV
genre: high-definition single piece toys Busty Wife
part number: 118lxvs00008

Exclusive more popular series [Raguju TV], completely take down of popular titles delivered! Adult women oozes high-quality sex appeal have enjoyed luxury sex weave! To this time starring “Yuika Takashima” 36-year-old. Sex is a protein frequency of the husband also called less. A desire that hoarding everyday going to release a thick sex. When you stimulate the slender body with a delicate touch and the rotor, it begins disturbed glamorous look. Himself the leading edge to the throat back if brought into the Blow, wrap the meat stick of saliva covered with a soft breast.

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