[MDS-831] innocence Yuki Aina AV Debut! ! AV debut – a girl of most H of love 19-year-old space planning 35 years

Release Date: 2016/07/22
Duration: 145 minutes
Cast: Yuki Aina
Director: ZAMPA
Series: Innocence
Studio: KM Produce
Label: Space planning
Genre: Uniform Breasts Pretty simple work debut work
part number: 84mds831
space planning 35th anniversary talent excavation project third bullet! ! Etch love Aina-chan to say that it is surely even NO1 in the innocence series of until now. Junn coveted 19-year-old Ji ● co really staring at the opponent at the pupil’s. Themselves aggressively shake the hips, many times also sure to become drunk in Aina-chan spree feel really! !

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