[MDS-836] Ushijima good meat produced idle rough home costs layer Asami Tsuchiya

Product Release Date: 2016/07/22
Duration: 125 minutes (HD version: 125 minutes)
Cast: Asami Tsuchiya
Director: GORY Mazda
Series: Ushijima good meat produced idle rough home Kos layer
Studio: Media Station
Label: space planning
genre: Lolita Cosplay Shaven shame alone work HDTV
part number: 61mds00836
Ushijima good meat producer 5th! Terribly ● Lolita actress “Asami Tsuchiya” of the stomach atmosphere to inject Ushijima good meat ism! ! New phased erotic is born. Pretty, Tits, Shaved. Thorough her ​​with a natural Lori element for transformation to lust the man produced! ! Asami-chan of Pointe the natural posture is we show the erotic finish of being relentlessly education maniac point of view, such as Lori wearing erotic fetish.

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