[PPPD-489] future of the dream can sing also singing voice actor!

Product Release Date: 2016/07/19
Duration: 118 minutes (HD version: 118 minutes)
Cast: –
Director: –
Series: –
Studio: OPPAI
Label: OPPAI
Genre: Nekomimi-beast system Lesbian busty Exclusive HDTV
part number: pppd00489
average rating: See reviews
general model, actor, Luna-chan came to interview with voice actor aspiring to a production that has also undertaken work of the voice actors (a pseudonym). Interested from childhood to the work of voice actor, become a song also sing the voice actor is that it is a dream. Enough to be seen interviewer who interviewed such a Luna-chan even from the top of her clothes, interested in rare big tits have kind. Then suddenly, to be the appearance negotiation of her AV will be contacted to OPPAI staff! Future, it may come the day you see her in the end of the song program!

[PPPD-489] future of the dream can sing also singing voice actor! Degree of tits voice actor egg-chan of which has been aspiring your work voice can be seen even from the top of the clothes! As it is AV debut Kudokiotoshi because it was weak in the press! !

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