[STAR-682] Haruna Osaka × full Hardcore amateur virgin’s first insertion

Product Release Date: 2016/05/26
Duration: 139 minutes (HD version: 139 minutes)
Cast: Haruna Osaka
Director: Afro Takahashi
Series: ○○ × full Hardcore amateur
Studio: SOD Create
Label: SOD star
Genre: HDTV alone Movies idle entertainer virgin
part number: 1star00682

Haruna Osaka of the original national idol group is challenging the down virgin brush! Situation for the first time of SEX is too jealous Nante’s idol! Idle and kiss, Namama to idle tits ● co, virgin erection Chi ● Po became Gingin too excited waiting for insertion in Gaman juice runaway state! It is a story with a dream virgin Chi ● port is idle Nante capitalize!

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