[STAR-699] Morino bird AV debut

Product Release Date: 2016/07/21
Duration: 239 minutes (HD version: 239 minutes)
Cast: Morino Birds
Director: Kimura Shinya
Series: AV Debut
Studio: SOD Create
Label: SOD star
Genre: HDTV Lolita busty beauty girl debut single work
part number: 1Star00699
18-year-old, experience number one. As innocent as a lamb super naive Pretty AV debut of the country grew up! E cup to a small body of 148cm! In addition, ultra-sensitive beauty Busty would trembling a fearful body and touching the nipple! Shyness enough to not be able to look Ji ○ port of life second child, the first etch was because too reaction is good recorded in uncut! “I, be really likes is etch …?”

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