[VGD-177] First Shooting document rookie 19-year-old Mashiro Rina

Product Release Date: 2016/07/30
Duration: 118 minutes (HD version: 118 minutes)
Cast: Mashiro Lina
Director: Yanai one
Series: –
Studio: HMJM
Genre: Gonzo documentary Breasts debut single work HDTV
part number: h_172vgd00177
Breasts Dcup × deca-ass ×’s first take × DNA sister-based beauty * Mashiro Lina 19 years old. The first time of AV. This AV performers have been doing and his choice for the go. Cute Dirty Little woman to immerse yourself in a sexual forget the camera Come to open the lid. Tension and smile and realism. Please enjoy the first of AV Maki Rina!

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